Harbour Light


oil on canvas : 25 x 35 cm

Framed size 45 x 40 cm



Product Description

Patrick Cashin – Harbour Light

Patrick Cashin was born in New York in 1965 to Irish parents , he returned to Ireland aged seven where he was raised and now lives and has his studio in County Cork.
After completing his studies , Patrick spent the decade of his twenties living in Boston , London , and then Madrid , primarily in order to work and travel , but also to be able to study the work of the Old and Modern Masters in a direct and sustained way in the museums and galleries of those cities , which was a formative experience for the artist .
Since becoming a full-time artist in 1996 , Patrick’s work has been featured in seventeen solo and numerous group exhibitions in Ireland , The UK and North America , with the actor Pierce Brosnan and the Designer Louise Kennedy featuring among prominent collectors of his work .

About the paintings :

“ The sea and the coast are ongoing sources of inspiration for my artwork , as both theme , and motif .
I think the sea is in some respects one of the fundamental human experiences in life . On one level , it is a place we relate to in terms of our direct experiences of it , but it is also as a place we relate to on other levels , in relation to recollection , the imaginative , and the symbolic .
In my recent work , the place where land meets sea , and the built structures which evidence the human presence within the coastal terrain , are a theme I find to be of particular interest .
One manifestation of this involves the theme of the lighthouse , an iconic form in the landscape , which have a sense of mysterious presence and narrative entirely in their own right .
In terms of each painting’s development , every painting evolves somewhat differently , some emerging as being more descriptive of the sense of a place , its light or weather at a certain time of day , while other paintings tend to evolve into being more about a sense of atmosphere , thought or mood . “

Work previously exhibited at include :
The Royal Hibernian Academy , Dublin , Ireland .
20 /21 International Art Fair London , UK .
The Phyliss Weil Gallery , New York , USA .
Battersea Art Fair , London , UK .
Art Ireland Art Fair , Dublin , Ireland .
The Wemyss Gallery , Sydney , Australia .
The Barbara Stanley Gallery , London , UK .
Toronto Art Fair , Canada .
The Office of Public Works , Dublin , Ireland .
The Crawford Municipal Museum , Cork , Ireland .
The Hunt Museum , Limerick Ireland .
The Elmwood Gallery , Belfast , Northern Ireland .
The Blackcombe Gallery , Cork , Ireland .
Mount Juliet House , Kilkenny , Ireland .
The South Bank Gallery , Dublin , Ireland .
Artistic Alliance , Cork , Ireland .
The Hayloft Gallery , Armagh , Northern Ireland .
The Hallward Gallery , Dublin , Ireland .
Ballymaloe House , Cork , Ireland .
The Blue Leaf Gallery , Dublin , Ireland .
The Lavit Gallery , Cork , Ireland .
Killarney Art Gallery , Ireland .
The University of Cork , Ireland .
The Davis Gallery , Dublin , Ireland .
The Private Collector Gallery , Cork , Ireland .
Wexford Arts Center <



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